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Part Number:001470PNK-0504 Manufacturer: BARE SPORTSWEAR CORP. Model: 2MM NIXIE SHORTY PINK 04 SIZE:

Designing a women's wetsuit to reflect their performance needs, make them look and feel great and inspire the spirit of adventure, was Bare's goal. To do this, they looked at wetsuit design differently, not from their eyes, but from eyes of the wearer. The Bare team of female designers gathered women of all ages and skill levels to create focus groups that empowered conversations to get to the heart of what women wanted functionally and aesthetically from their suits. Design inspiration was taken from trends outside the industry. Observations, thoughts and ideas were brought together and synthesized into a product that was designed around women. The result, the new Nixie series. Designed for performance as well as appearance, Nixie combines sleek, slimming lines and fashion-forward colors with some of Bare's latest trademark innovations. 

Bare 2mm Women's Nixie Shorty Features

  • Designed for Performance as Well as Appearance
  • Combines Sleek, Slimming Lines and Fashion-Forward Colors
  • Bare's Latest Trademark Innovations
  • Wear for Watersport, Diving and Beach Days
  • Full-Stretch Neoprene
  • Super Smooth Exterior Laminate
  • Lines that Flatter Your Curves
  • Fashion Forward Colors
  • Versatile Shorty Wetsuit for Use in All Watersports Activities
  • Inspires Confidence
  • 2mm Glide-Skin Collar for Maximum Seal & Reduced Flushing
  • hook and loop Adjust Collar w/Booklet-Style Cover
  • Cover: Protect Suit from Snags and Pilling
  • Set-In Sleeve Design for Comfort and Flexibility
  • Flat-Lock Stitched Seam Construction, Stretch and Comfort
  • Construction: S-Flex Neoprene
  • Bare's Highest Degree of Stretchand Comfort
  • 360° Neck Seal Minimizes Water Entry
  • Rolled Glide-Skin Arm and Leg Seals
  • Suit for Women, Designed by Women!


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