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Incredible, easy, easily incredible!The next generation Galileo has arrived. Introducing the G2. Intuitive, reliable and bulletproof, Scubapro combined everything you love about the Galileo with everything you've dreamed of in a dive computer. It's everything you expect from Scubapro in full color. Easy to read. Easy to use. Easy to love. Spend less time reading manuals, and more time enjoying the experience. Easy to Read: A brilliant, colorful screen with color indicators quickly draws your attention to what you need to know. The G2 leverages color as a tool to deliver the best readability and usability available. Choose from four different color options. Easy to Use: With the intuitive 3 button control, operating the G2 is a snap. With the G2 you can transmit your air pressure from up to 9 tanks. And the transmitter blinks green, yellow or red to indicate your air level. 

  • Scubapro G2 Dive Computer Complete Features

  • Scubapro Galileo 2 Complete:
  • You'll Never Do-Another-Dive Without-It!
  • Includes Transmitter
  • Incredible, Easy, Easily Incredible!
  • Next Generation Galileo Has Arrived, Introducing the G2
  • Intuitive, Reliable and Bulletproof
  • Combination of Original Galileo w/Everything You've Dreamed of In-a-Dive-Computer
  • Everything Expected from Scubapro In-Full-Color
  • Easy to Read, Easy to Use, Easy to Love
  • Spend Less Time Reading Manuals, and More Time Enjoying the Experience
  • Easy to Read:
    Brilliant, Colorful Screen w/Color Indicators
    Quickly Draws
    Attention to What-You-Need-to-Know
    Leverages Color as Tool to Deliver Best Readability/Usability Available
    Choose from 4-Different Color Options
  • Easy to Use:
    Intuitive 3 Button Control
    Operating G2 Is-a-Snap Transmit Air Pressure from Up to 9 Tanks Transmitter
    Blinks Green, Yellow or Red to Indicate Air Level
  • Easy to Understand:
    Same Intuitive Menu & Diver-Friendly Functions as Galileo
    Reputation for Being Easiest Computer to Use
    4-Dive Screens; Allow Seeing as Little - Or as Much
  • Data As-You'd Like
  • Industry's Leading Digital Compass - You'll Always Know Where You're Headed
  • Easy to Manage:
    Bluetooth Compatible
    Easily Syncs w/PC, Mac, Android or iPhone
    Stores Up to 1,000 Hours of Dive Profiles
    Rechargeable Battery Lasts Up to 50 Dives
  • Make it Your Own:
    Innovative Technology and Thoughtful, Intuitive Design
    Next Generation of Galileo Just-for-You
    Customize Your Screen, Colors, Orientation and Even Attachments, Makes G2 Truly Your Own
    Customized Menu Listings
  • Ability to Use As-Much-or-As Little of Technology As-You-Want
  • Easy Activation: Freediving, Trimix, CCR & Sidemount Modes w/o Downloading/Upgrading
  • Poised to Quickly Become Favorite Computer for All Divers of All Skill Levels
  • Goes Wherever Your Passion for Diving Takes You
  • Even Dive Profile is One of a Kind
  • Based Upon Real-Time Breathing Rate, Skin Temperature & Heart Rate
  • Algorithm:
    Scubapro's Customizable ZH-L16 ADT MB
    Predictive Multi-Gas ZHL-16 ADT MB Algorithm
    Programs Up to 8 Nitrox/trimix Mixes to Handle Any Recreational or Technical Diving Scenario
    Calculates True Remaining Bottom Time (RBT)
    Offers Series of Microbubble Levels and Incorporates Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops
  • Operating Altitude w/Decompression: Sea Level to Approximately 13300' (4000 meters)
  • W/O Decompression (Gauge mode) At Any Altitude
  • Maximum Operating Depth: 394' (120 meters)
  • Depth Resolution: 0.1 Until 99.9 meters, 1 Meter at Depth Deeper than 100 meters
  • Resolution (Feet/Centimeters): Always 1' (30.5 cm)
  • Accuracy within 2% ±1' (±20 cm)
  • Decompression Calculation Range: 3' to 394' (0.8 to 120 meters)
  • Quartz Clock: Time, Date, Dive Time Display Up to 999 Minutes
  • Oxygen Concentration: Adjustable Between 8% and 100%
  • Helium Concentration: Adjustable Between 0% and 92%
  • Operating Temperature: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to +50°C)
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • User Chargeable via USB Cable
  • Includes:
    Read First Manual
    3M Foil Screen Protector
    USB Cable
    Retractor Clip
  • Simply Smarter and Easily More Vibrant
  • You'll Never Do-Another-Dive w/o-It!
  • Hose-Less Gas Integration Smart Tec/Z Transmitter w/LED:
  • Provides Pressure Readout from 0 to 4,350 psi (300 bars)
  • Tank Pressure, True Remaining Bottom Time (RBT)
  • Allows Air Consumption Factored into Decompression Calculation
  • Links w/Buddy's Computer to Monitor Both Air Supplies
  • Install: 1'st Stage Regulator HP Port
  • LED Indicator Status:
    1,450 psi (100 bar) and Over: Slow Short Blinking Green Light
    Between 1,450 psi (100 bar) and 725 psi (50 bar): Short Double Blinking Orange Light
    Below 725 psi (50 bar): Long Single Blinking Red Light
  • Easy to Use, Only Need to Pair it to Computer Once
  • Coded Transmission Technology Prevents Interference of Different Computers
  • Power: CR2450 Lithium User-Replaceable Battery
  • Battery Rated for Three Years/150 to 200 Dives
  • Owner's Manual


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