LX20+ Handheld Light- LED

LX20+ Handheld Light- LED


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Part Number:LT6900 Model: LX20+ Handheld Light

The LX20+ takes cordless primary lights to the next level.  Now 36% brighter and with additional power modes, the LX20+ delivers a maximum of 1500 lumens of 6500 kelvin light in a concentrated 6 degree spot beam.  Its compact and robust design makes it an ideal handheld primary light and perfect travel companion. A new self-cleaning rotary magnetic switch allows easy operation of the light with a smooth twist action. With a dependable double O-ring sealed tail cap and 500 foot (152m) depth rating, the LX20+ excels under the most demanding diving conditions.

The LX20+ is powered by 4 user-replaceable high output 18650 rechargeable Li Ion batteries. Designed around an industry leading Cree LED chip to maximize output and efficiency, the LX20+ has four power modes to match a variety of diving conditions plus a strobe mode for when you really need to get someone’s attention:

  • High Power – 2.25 hours
  • Medium Power  – 3 hours
  • Low Power – 6 hours
  • Power Saver  – 30+ hours
  • Strobe Mode  – 23 hours


A true constant current LED driver provides unparalleled efficiency and ensures constant light output as the battery is depleted. The integrated microprocessor control unit monitors battery voltage and automatically steps down the light output before the batteries are completely drained, designed to never leave you in the dark.  The step down is indicated by a series of flashes after which the LX20+ will continue to provide an additional 3+ hours of useable light.

The LX20+ comes ready to dive with a soft hand mount and our exclusive quick change locking QRM mounting system. The package comes complete with:

  • LX20+ Handheld Light
  • 4 x 18650 3500mah Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Padded Carry Case
  • Soft Handmount with Locking QRM Mounting System

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